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  • BVA Bunny Hop! (KBOS, KBDL, KPWM): April 03, 2021

[3 Apr 2021 1800-2200z] BVA Bunny Hop!

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[3 Apr 2021 1800-2200z] BVA Bunny Hop!
« on: January 04, 2021, 04:09:59 PM »

Join BVA for a springtime bash with our Bunny Hop! What better way to celebrate the season than some easy-hopping around the New England area?

We'll be staffing Boston (KBOS), Bradley (KBDL), and Portland (KPWM) for the afternoon, and we hope you can come join us! How many airports can you visit while we're online?

It%u2019s also a great time to try out one of our WINGS flights. Remember, many of the flights have published Alternate Airports, allowing you to earn your BVA pilot ratings at event airports!
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