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From the Desk of VATUSA 1
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:40:17 PM »
Fellow members of the Division and Facility Staff Members,
I want to first Thank Don Desfosse for his dedication to excellence, his passion for the division and his vision to lead a vibrant community.  It has been an honor to have served as part of his team from the beginning and it is an honor to begin this new journey of service.  I fully believe that we have some highly talented, passionate and dedicated people that make VATUSA a Great Division.  Don has built a tremendous foundation for us as a Division to continue to build upon.

The Vision remains the same for this Administration.  It has been important that a smooth transition was undertaken so that there was minimal interruption of service to the community.  Moving forward, it is imperative that we strive to continue to grow, expand and ensure that we promote and embrace an atmosphere of fun.   I am confident that we can promote more Esprit de Corps in our Division and that we can all come together and work together to promote our community as the best in VATSIM.  During the transition it was very important to ensure that staff roles were filled with excellent people who are passionate, dedicated and committed to the Vision.  Now we begin the journey of becoming more interactive; analyzing new ideas, studying known areas of concern and initiating solutions that do the greatest good for the greatest numbers.  Fostering the Esprit de Corps ideal and growth of our Vibrant Community starts at the top and shall serve as our motivation.

Our Division is the largest in VATSIM with regards to the amount of airspace and facilities that we have.  Our Division makes up one of the largest percentages of activity in VATSIM.   Despite our size and activity, we must realize that we cannot become complacent and we cannot lose focus of our Vision.  We have faced challenges in the past, we are facing challenges right now and we will face challenges in the future.  To overcome these challenges, it will require a Vibrant Community of dedicated, passionate and committed individuals and teams.  As a Division Staff we seek to lead these individuals, we desire to lead these teams, our commitment is to support growth and to support the individuals and teams in a unified front that we can all take ownership of and be proud of.  VATUSA