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From the Desk of VATUSA1
« on: September 13, 2020, 09:13:52 AM »
It's been a very busy first week!  I wanted to give everyone a quick update on ZHQ activities.

  • TMU
TMU team has been test piloting program.  Proposed policies have been submitted to ZHQ for review.  Still hopeful that we can officially go live this month.  May be a little bit of slippage -- there's always some back and forth during policy reviews.  Everyone wants to make sure we roll it out right the first time rather than rush through the process to commit to an arbitrary date.

  • C3 Program
ZHQ received 40 nominations!  The slate is in front of the C3 Review Board.  I hope we can announce the first C3 Awardees by end of month.

  • Open Positions
I am excited about the amount of applications I have received thus far.  This is going to be the deepest application pool I've seen in some time.  Deadline for applications is September 22.  If you feel you qualify and you can commit to the time necessary to do a good job, I encourage you to apply.

  • Meetings
I am in the process of scheduling ZHQ's first staff meeting.  Going forward, I plan to publish meeting minutes so everyone is in the loop on what we are discussing.  I also plan to have regularly scheduled Town Halls.  Some may be per Region.

Hoping that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Mani Manigault
Division Director