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  • May the 4th with ZTL and SVA: May 04, 2024

[5/4/2024 at 2000z] May the 4th

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[5/4/2024 at 2000z] May the 4th
« on: April 13, 2024, 07:32:42 AM »

Departure Airport: MCO
Arrival Airport: KATL
Route: TBD
Date: 05/04/24 20:00:00Z (GMT)

Pilots of the Resistance,

Prepare to be transported to a galaxy far far away as we celebrate “May the 4th” on Star Wars day! Whether you’re a Jedi Master, a Sith Lord, or a humble droid, we promise a fun filled event for everyone!

Join us for an intergalactic adventure on Saturday May the 4th departing MCO at 4pm EDT (2000z). Prepare the X-Wings as we’ve got inbound First Order Ti-Fighters and need to get up to ATL pronto! Our friends at the ZJX & ZTL ARTCC have joined the SVA Alliance to help us win this fight! They’re going to provide cover for us to escape the fighters.

Good luck, and we will see you on the ground in ATL.