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  • Denver Roulette: March 25, 2023

Denver Roulette

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Denver Roulette
« on: November 18, 2022, 12:10:27 AM »

Have you ever spawned in your sim and wondered, "Where should I go"? Well fear no more! On Saturday March 25th, at 2300z come join ZDV as we host our "ZDV Roulette". You will spawn in your sim having no idea where you will go.  The delivery controller will get the duration of your flight and boom, you have a destination to fly to. Where will you go? Will it be Salt Lake City, Orlando, or San Francisco? The only way to find is to join us for "ZDV Roulette"!

Event Field: KDEN
Date and Time: March 25th 2023, 2300-0300z
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Re: Denver Roulette
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                                                                              Denver Roulette Pilot Briefing

What is a Roulette Event?

A Roulette Event is an event in which your Destination and Route is decided by the Delivery Controller.

How do I call up for Clearence?

We will have 2 Delivery controllers on for the duration of the event. One will give clearances to pilots wishing to participate in the event and one for those pilots who are not participating.

                                             If you are NOT participating in the roulette aspect of the event or are a VFR aircraft
                                             -File your flight plan as normal and contact DEN_DEL on 118.750 for you clearance

 If you ARE participating in the roulette aspect of the event and would like to receive a random destination, please read the instruction below

1. Connect to the network with your Aircraft type and the Callsign you wish to use. Do not fill out anything else as the Delivery controller will do that for you

2. Once you are ready to receive your clearance please DEN_E_DEL on 125.375. Please call up with your callsign, your gate number and how long you would like to fly. The minimum flight time is 30 minutes with no maximum flight time you can fly. Here is the example you should be following when making your initial with the controller. “Denver Delivery, SWA1234 at gate C54, we would like a 1.5 hour flight please”.

3. Once you have made contact with the delivery controller, the controller will tell you to expect a PDC(please keep in mind PDC might take a while due to high levels of traffic). Once you have received your PDC please input the destination and route as you see it appear on your PDC. If you cannot accept the route, please contact clearance again to receive your reroute.

4.Once you have received your PDC and your route and destination are correctly imputed into your FMC/FMS, you may contact DEN_BS_GND on 130.600 and proceed with on with the rest of your flight as normal


If you have any questions please Email the ZDV EC at [email protected]
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