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  • Flight School Frenzy: November 15, 2022

[11/15/2022 2359Z-0400Z] Flight School Frenzy

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[11/15/2022 2359Z-0400Z] Flight School Frenzy
« on: October 11, 2022, 09:10:19 PM »

What is it like to be a CFII in the Minneapolis area? Imagine starting at FCM (Minneapolis/Flying Cloud), and departing on a local flight for multiple approaches at multiple airports… Depart FCM and head to LVN for a practice ILS30, go missed and head to SGS for a practice RNAV34, go missed and do a practice ILS32 at STP, go missed and head up to ANE for a practice RNAV9, go missed and do a practice RNAV32 at MIC, go missed and head back to FCM for an ILS10R.

But, hey...what about good ol' pattern work? We got you covered for that too! The skies above all of our small airports around the Twin Cities are always buzzing with pilots in the pattern.

ZMP will be staffing up M98 Approach as well as our MSP "reliever airport" towers for this event. Primarily focused on GA aircraft, we are partnering with The Pilot Club on what they typically bill as a "GA Tuesday".
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