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  • Fly-In Thursday: Henderson, NV!: November 17, 2022

[11/17/2022 2359Z-0400Z] Fly-In Thursday: Nevada!

Mike Bencivenga

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[11/17/2022 2359Z-0400Z] Fly-In Thursday: Nevada!
« on: October 22, 2022, 08:24:58 AM »

Come join The Pilot Club, Sky Blue Radio and the Virtual Los Angeles ARTCC as we present a nice Thursday fly into the outskirts of Las Vegas! Henderson Tower will be staffed for our GA friends and anyone looking to fly in the pattern, and about 10 miles East, Boulder City airport will be available for those wanting to practice uncontrolled field ops!

ZLA will be staffed from 2359-0400Z (4-8 PM PT) with a time on target of between 0200-0300Z (6-7 PM PT), so shoot for that gap if you want to come join everyone else!

Date and Time: Thursday November 17th 2359-0400Z

Event Fields: KHND (staffed) KBVU (uncontrolled)