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  • Don't Bust the Bravo: November 29, 2022

[11/29/2022 2300z - 0200z] Don't Bust the Bravo

Jeremy Lemrond

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[11/29/2022 2300z - 0200z] Don't Bust the Bravo
« on: October 31, 2022, 09:03:30 PM »

Host: ZJX
Event Fields: KSFB, KORL, KTIX
Date: November 29, 2022
Time: 2300z - 0200z

You have one mission: Do not bust the Orlando Class Bravo Airspace.

Come join ZJX as we staff Sanford (KSFB), Orlando Executive (KORL), and Titusville (KTIX) as we host DONT BUST THE BRAVO. Come fly your GA or jet aircraft into one of our staffed fields without entering the Orlando Class Bravo airspace. All IFR and VFR traffic is welcome, but we encourage you to fly VFR with flight following and use your charts to remain clear of the bravo. Violators will asked to leave the Bravo immediately and publicly shamed. You should also avoid the Disney TFR if you don't want the Mouse to scramble their jets.

Jeremy Lemrond
Event Coordinator
Virtual Jacksonville ARTCC
[email protected]