Position Posting: Cleveland Training Administrator

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Position Posting: Cleveland Training Administrator
« on: September 11, 2022, 12:32:07 PM »
Applications are now being accepted for the position of Training Administrator (TA) in the Cleveland ARTCC (ZOB).

Reports To: ZOB Air Traffic Manager; VATUSA3 as necessary.
Application Deadline: September 19, 2022 23:59z
Position Type: Remote (you will not need to move to Oberlin, OH)

- Reports to the ATM; VATUSA3 as necessary.
- Maintains an online presence within the facility/community and on the VATSIM network.
- Able to fulfill vZOB activity requirements IAW (v)ZOB 7210.3 3.2.
- Acts as a senior staff member, leading and supporting ARTCC members.
- Attends staff meetings and public town halls regularly.
- Maintains, updates, and manages the training program, lessons, sweatbox scenarios and exams.
- Abides by the requirements of the VATSIM Global Ratings Policy.
- Oversees the quality of the training program.
- Responsible for seeking out, appointing, and managing ZOB instructors and mentors.
- Hold periodic training meetings to discuss changes and updates.
- Creatively designs training resources to help controllers progress through the training program more efficiently.
- Approves exam assignment for students and finalizes promotions.
- Any other duty assigned by the ATM.

- Hold a Controller (C1) rating or above.
- Active member of the network in good standing.
- Member of ZOB, or willing to transfer upon selection.
- Have no history of unprofessional behavior nor significant disciplinary record.
- Ability to work in a team-based environment.
- Previously served as an Instructor (I1) within VATUSA.
- Have a strong knowledge of the United States ATC system and FAA Order 7110.65.

Desired Qualifications:
- Possess a high degree of commitment, motivation, and attention to detail.
- Demonstrates qualities of understanding, patience, and maturity.
- Previously held a leadership/staff role in a VATUSA facility; or a leadership role in the real-world.
- Have a good working knowledge of ZOB and neighboring facility airspace.

Interested candidates should understand the requirements of the position and the time commitment aspect associated with the undertaking of a senior staff role within the facility. All qualified candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they MAY be contacted for a comprehensive interview.

Applications must include:
- Full name, active email address, and VATSIM CID
- Resume and Letter of Intent/Cover Letter
Candidates from outside ZOB are highly encouraged to submit a Letter of Recommendation from a senior or divisional staff member at/associated with their current facility.

To Apply:
Submit the required information to [email protected]. Incomplete applications will not be considered.