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The Flight Deck / Receiving ATIS updates in vPilot
« on: March 11, 2022, 10:02:02 AM »
During an event, someone mentioned there's a command in vPilot where a pilot can receive a text message whenever a controller updates the weather ATIS. It doesn't work for every ATC client but I've forgotten the tip. Does anyone recall how to do this?


Virtual United Airlines is marking its 10th anniversary with a website relaunch, a
new URL ( and a group flight on July 10.

“We want the simming world to know we’re fresh, fun and ready for the next 10 years,” says
chief executive officer Gary Price. He adds the airline launched its first Discord server in June
to keep pilots informed about virtual airline (VA) news and upcoming events.

“Our pilots can use that technology to chat with one another during a flight and they will be
able to ‘drop into’ another pilot’s flight deck to watch them handle a tricky landing, or learn
about flying a different type of aircraft.”

Expect that server to be hopping during the VA’s anniversary event on July 10.

“One of our premiere events for 2021 will be a group flight between Chicago’s O’Hare airport
and Intercontinental in Houston,” adds Price. “This flight will be open to the entire simming
community so we hope to have a lot of pilots online with us. If they later decide to join our
virtual airline, well, that’s great!”

The virtual airline built its new website for the future by adding a sleek, modern exterior to its
operations while upgrading its technology.

The new website supports Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS-FS9), Lockheed Martin’s Prepared,
and Laminar Research’s X-Plane. Many of its pilots fly on the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation
network (VATSIM), where they see aircraft flown by other online fliers and get direction from
people acting as air traffic controllers. vUAL also allows for offline flying, provided pilots use our
simple and easy ACARS program for flight tracking.

“During an online event, you’ll check in with a variety of controllers on the ground and in the
air, much like you would flying a real commercial flight,” says Price. “We’re proud to be a VATSIM
partner, promoting online flying.”

In 2020,Virtual United pilots flew 83,000 hours on approximately 23,000 flights, everything from
short hops on regional jets to round-the-world tours in the latest intercontinental aircraft.

To learn more about Virtual United Airlines, visit their website at

Virtual United Airlines is not affiliated with or sponsored by United Air Lines, Inc.

Media Contact:
Kevin Finch, Vice-President of Events, Virtual United Airlines
[email protected]

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