Returning Home From Passover Vacation

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Returning Home From Passover Vacation
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:26:57 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Passover week is over which means massive flux of Israelis returning from their Passover vacation in Eilat back home to Tel Aviv which means that El Al could not use narrow body 737-200s or Britannias hence decision to use exciting brand new 707-300 to handle heavy holiday passenger traffic back home from LLET Eilat Airport located in the center of Eilat adjacent to Route 90 (The Arava Road) to LLBG Ben Gurion Airport located 12 miles southeast of Tel Aviv

STOP  the sign says you need authorization from airport tower before passing!!

Attention!!  The sign says that ATTENTION you are attending aerial zone Please drive extremely carefully

Passengers get surprise and excited by presence of brand new plane that is going to take them back home to Tel Aviv

Nice engine view of the airport terminal

Got to do pre-flight inspection of left engines

Got to do same thing for right engines

Got to do pre-flight inspection of the tail

Time for me to board my captain seat

Checking all gauges to be sure they look very kosher

Time for me to open fuel lines as you can I am middle of doing that where you can see I finish opening 4th engine fuel line and now concentrating other engine fuel lines

Time for me to open fuel flow knobs!

Time for me to put on battery power so necessary for starting engines!!

Time for me to flip the engine air bleed switches from off to on

Making final inspection of all knobs and switches to be sure everything is kosher

Drat drat  I forgot to take screenshot of switches and knobs for engine start in overhead panel but you can see from gauge readings that the engines are coming alive

Now you can see the engines fully powered in gauge readings and you can check to be sure the flaps are properly extended for take off

Facing runway 01 for take off

Excuse me but the Eilat airport demands commercial interruption for all of you viewers

Starting take off run!

Now airborne retracting landing gear to start climb to fl200

Making quick left turn as you would NOT want to enter into Jordanian air space!

Still climbing to Fl200

Engine view of llov Ovda Airport located in the Uvda region of southern Israel about 37 miles north of Eilat that used to be the country's second international airport but now will become new Airpark which is a large commercial aircraft storage facility capable of storing hundreds of aircraft.

Now cruising at fl200

Checking to be sure the gauges sound correct

Opppsss I forgot winter is over and summer is starting now    Excuse me so that I can scramble to turn on air conditioning

Cruising at Fl200

Crossing famous Dead Sea where you, even though if you cannot swim, can float in waters of Dead Sea.  Even elephants can float in Dead Sea!!!

Approaching green grass pastures signals that the destination is getting closer and it is time to descend

In middle of descent from Fl200 to 4,000 ft now at 10,000 ft

Making left turn with background view of Dead Sea to get ready for approach to runway 30

Seconds before touchdown

TOUCHDOWN!!!  Darn I made so soft landing that it fails to produce exciting tire smoke

I decided to slam on brakes to create very exciting tire smokes

Exiting from runway on way to gate

I do not think this terminal existed during 707 time

Approaching original terminal

Arriving and parking at original gate without any jetways via era 1970 style

Waiting for airport buses to arrive to pick up passengers

Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciting flight.