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Interestingly when I tried to repeat the issue from my desktop PC all Speak Aloud phrases were interpreted correctly.

When I used my Android based phone ( Samsung Note 8 ) it failed earlier.

Might just be an issue from Chrome on Android or even just that phone maybe.  It is repeatable though as shown in the image below.

I found a minor issue in the training page here:

This link is currently broken:

As of the writing of this post this is the page I think that was intended:

I imagine it will not likely work for much beyond a year though since the FARAIM is updated often.
This page may be more reliable:

Personally I find this page very helpful as you can decode live METARs from around the world from the must recent to up to 36 hours in the past:

Hope this helps and Thanks to those that built the training!

I have had this same issue. 

Some of the responses were interpreted correctly but others were misspelled versions of what I said such as:

Juliette instead of Juliet
Kelo instead of Kilo

This was when using VATUSA from my phone and happened on or around 21 March 2022.

Fyi for the website team that helps with the training content.

Nice work all in all so far though!

None of the answers work in 1. ATC Basics/1.2. Communication/Practice the Phonetic Alphabet Speak Aloud.
It seems it translates the phonetic alphabet to letters, but the answer is looking for the phonetic names.

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