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News / Repost: Position Posting: Albuquerque ARTCC Seeks Webmaster
« on: January 28, 2024, 02:26:13 PM »

News / [Position Posting] Albuquerque Training Administrator
« on: January 18, 2024, 10:35:08 PM »

News / Albuquerque has a new DATM!
« on: November 11, 2023, 08:11:52 PM »
Hello hello hello!! With much excitement and fanfare, I announce the appointment of Mr. Brian N as Albuquerque's next Deputy Air Traffic Manager! Most recently Brian has served as ZAB's Training Administrator. In addition to his almost 350 control hours, Brian has amassed over 11,390 flight hours! Brian, a resident of Arizona, brings an extensive local knowledge base to our ARTCC. As he settles into his new role, he promises me that he will try to bring a semblance of wisdom and calmness, gleaned over the years of raising his three real-life kiddos, as he transitions into babysitting our ARTCC kiddos!   Welcome aboard Brian... now go and enforce some rules or something...

News / [Position Posting] Albuquerque Deputy Air Traffic Manager
« on: November 02, 2023, 01:38:23 PM »

News / Position Posting: Albuquerque ARTCC Seeks Webmaster
« on: September 10, 2023, 09:37:09 AM »

Events / Re: Columbia River Crossfire
« on: December 04, 2022, 08:10:37 PM »
I grew up in the Tri-Cities!  😬

News / [Position Posting] Albuquerque Webmaster (Tech Team)
« on: September 12, 2022, 05:28:47 PM »

News / ZAB Seeks Deputy Webmaster
« on: June 25, 2022, 09:05:02 PM »
The Albuquerque ARTCC is currently seeking applicants for the position of Deputy Webmaster (DWM).  The DWM reports to the ARTCC Webmaster (WM), who reports to the Air Traffic Manager. The primary role of the DWM is to assist the WM and other ARTCC staff/end users in the development and deployment of digital services designed to enhance the controller and pilot experience.  This position represents a significant opportunity for growth with the ARTCC staff structure.

Duties to including, but are not limited to:
1. Maintaining an online presence within the facility and on the VATSIM network.
2. Attending staff meetings.
3. Assisting with development and maintenance of the ARTCC website and other digital services.
4. Serving as the technical adviser to ARTCC Staff.
5. All other responsibilities which help to accomplish the mission, goals, and vision of ZAB
6. Work alongside VATUSA and VITSIM technical staff to support the long term goals of the network.
7. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Knowledge of modern web programming languages and techniques, including HTML, Python (Django), MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, and Github.
2. Familiarity with API usage.
3. Experience in remotely operated servers like Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services
3. Knowledge of Discord server management.
4. Possess a high degree of energy and commitment appropriate to the requirements of the position.
5. Have no significant disciplinary record.
6. Have no history of unprofessional behavior.
7. Be in good standing on the VATSIM network.
8. Be an S1 home controller at the time of appointment

Preferred Skills:
Have previous staff experience in a VATSIM ATC facility or virtual airlines.
Previous VATUSA website/person web project experience.

Application Information
Applications may be submitted to the Albuquerque ARTCC Air Traffic Manager via email: [email protected]

Application Must Include:
1.   Full Name, Email Address, and VATSIM CID
2.   Cover Letter and Resume

1.   Letter of Recommendation from Current ATM/Supervisor
2.   Examples of your work. Preferable a website that is online currently.

What to Expect
Interested candidates should be aware that this position requires a time commitment and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying. All applications will go through an initial evaluation. Candidates who pass this evaluation will be contacted for a comprehensive interview. All candidates will be notified if/when a selection is made.

Any questions about this posting are encouraged and should be directed to the Albuquerque ARTCC Air Traffic Manager via email: [email protected]  or the Albuquerque ARTCC Webmaster at [email protected]

News / ZAB Welcomes its new Deputy Air Traffic Manager
« on: April 21, 2022, 08:56:00 PM »
Please join me in welcoming Evan Bradley to the team as he takes on the role of Albuquerque Deputy Air Traffic Manager!

Welcome Evan!  Good luck!

Jeremy W.

News / Albuquerque is seeking a new Deputy Air Traffic Manager
« on: April 04, 2022, 01:55:45 AM »
ZAB is searching for a Deputy Air Traffic Manager. The DATM assists the ATM in the day-to-day management and leadership of the ARTCC. We're searching for someone motivated, active, and experienced to fill the role.

Key Responsibilities
- Reports to the Air Traffic Manager, but regularly and frequently interfaces with the VATUSA Division Leadership Team
- Assists in the management of ATC Roster, permissions and access, Discord administration, and other general administrative tasks associated with ATC organization
- Assists in the development of ARTCC SOPs, LOAs, Policies, and more
- Maintains a high online presence
- Manages Events, Facilities, and Web Development Teams
- Completes other duties as assigned by ATM

- Hold a C1 rating or higher (exceptionally qualified S3 candidates may also be considered)
- VATUSA member in good standing and with a clean history
- Capable of working well in a team-oriented environment
- Strong knowledge of VATSIM/US ATC system
- Strong working knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduction and Code of Regulations
- Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred Skills
- Prior ARTCC Mentor/Instructor experience
- Teaching/Education experience (on or off VATSIM)
- Leadership, managerial, or supervisory experience
- Ability to maintain a high degree of flexibility in a rapidly changing environment

How to Apply
Please note that this position requires a significant time commitment. Interested applicants should send an email to [email protected] containing the following:

-Full name, CID, and email address
-Resume, including any applicable real-world managerial experience
-Letter of intent or cover letter
-Applicants from outside of the ZAB ARTCC are strongly encouraged to also provide a letter of recommendation from their current ARTCC Leadership.

The position requisition will remain open until the position has been filed.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

News / ZAB has a new EC and AEC! Welcome!
« on: January 17, 2021, 04:34:38 PM »
Please join me in welcoming Mr. Tyler Syring to the role of ZAB Events Coordinator and Mr. Vincent DeGuzman to the role of Assistant Events Coordinator!

Tyler is adding to his duties and contributions to ZAB.  He has been a valued member of the instructional staff as a Mentor. Tyler also has Events experience outside of VATSIM.  He is currently part of the events team at Southwest Virtual! (

The AEC role will be the first staff position that Vincent will hold.  Vincent brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with other groups in the real-world community and at school!

We look forward to the events ahead... and I say with all due excitement.... Tyler... Vincent... go plan something already!

News / ZAB Seeks Events Coordinator
« on: January 09, 2021, 12:46:57 PM »
ZAB is hiring an Events Coordinator! 

The Events Coordinator reports to the Deputy Air Traffic Manager and is responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of ARTCC sponsored events. The EC functions as a junior ARTCC staff member.
- Identifies opportunities for and plans events to generate traffic and to promote the ARTCC.
- Schedules controllers for positions/shifts within 48 hours prior to event start.
- Coordinates with neighboring ARTCCs, TMU, and other division staff to arrange support for ZAB-hosted events, and arranges ZAB support for neighboring events.
- Is the de-facto Controller-in-Charge for all ZAB events unless otherwise coordinated.
- Maintains relationships with virtual airlines and coordinates support for VA-hosted events affecting the ZAB airspace.
- Develops and distributes marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, discord announcements, etc) to promote events and our ARTCC.
- Leads and manages the events department of ZAB.

Minimum Qualifications
- Be a member of VATSIM in good standing.
- Be a member of the Albuquerque ARTCC, or willing to transfer upon selection.
- Hold a VATSIM Student 2 (S2) rating or higher.
- Maintain active status by complying with the ARTCC activity requirements.
- Possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Possess graphic design skills for event banner creation.
- Be able to work well in a team-oriented environment.
- Be able to develop and maintain professional working relationships with neighboring ARTCC Event Coordinators

Desired Qualifications
- Hold a VATSIM Senior Student (S3) rating or higher.
- Current Albuquerque ARTCC member.
- Has previous ARTCC (or higher) staff experience.
- Has previous Event Coordinator experience (VA, ARTCC).
- Possesses advanced graphic design skills.
- Has real-world managerial or supervisory experience.

Application Instructions
Applications may be submitted to Jeremy Werderman, Deputy Air Traffic Manager at [email protected]. Please note: applications not sent to this email will not be considered.

Your application must include:
- Full name, email address, and VATSIM CID.
- Resume & Letter of Intent.
- BONUS: Letter of Recommendation from current ATM (if a non-ZAB member).
- 2 rough event ideas. (fine details are not important, but a general overview of the event theme)
      - Include a banner for these events to demonstrate graphic design ability
      - Include a general marketing plan, describing how you will promote the event across the organization, including but not limited to advertising on supporting VATSIM services (VATTASTIC, etc)

Applications will be accepted until 30 JAN 2021, 2359z, or until well a qualified candidate is selected. This deadline may be extended if no qualified candidate is selected before. This posting will be updated accordingly.

What to Expect
The EC position is a great entry-level position for those members wanting to gain ARTCC staff experience. However, the workload is considerable and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application, after which they MAY be contacted with further instructions. All candidates will be notified when a selection is made.

News / Re: Fort Worth's New Air Traffic Manager
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:47:13 PM »

News / Albuquerque ARTCC Has a New Events Coordinator
« on: July 19, 2020, 11:52:40 PM »
Please join me in welcoming ZAB's newest party planner, Bobby Melton!!   We are looking forward to the exciting new ideas he brings to the Event's Coordinating space.   I know he is eager to get started.   Welcome aboard Bobby!!!!!!!

Jeremy W.

This posting is closed!  A candidate has been selected.

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