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  • Santa Barbara / Bakersfield Staff up!! : November 06, 2022

[11/6/2022 2100Z-2359Z] Santa Barbara / Bakersfield Staff up!!

Mike Bencivenga

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Looking for a different place to fly this Sunday evening? Well it may not be SoCal Sunday, but come join vZLA as we staff up the Santa Barbara and Bakersfield sector of ZLA and give you a different view of the wonderful Coast of California! We will be staffing up all the sectors of both TRACONS as well as the underlying airports, so come fly IFR or VFR, into out of or around the area as we staff up for your flying pleasure!! See you all there!

Event Date & Time: Sunday November 6th 2100z-2359Z (1-4 PM PT)

Event Fields: SBA, BFL, CMA, SMX, SBP
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