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  • A Night in the Rocket City: June 03, 2023

A Night in the Rocket City

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A Night in the Rocket City
« on: February 27, 2023, 06:59:52 AM »
Huntsville, Alabama has been known as “The Rocket City” since NASA’s Marshall Space Center was established in 1960. Tons of Famous rockets such as the Juno rocket, which took the US’s first satellite into space, were made there.
The American space program played a crucial role in the development of rockets that would launch the first humans into space. Today, Huntsville is still an important hub for the American space program, with the Marshall Space Flight Center continuing to be a major NASA facility. Join us as the Memphis ARTCC staffs up KHSV and enjoy Huntsville’s deep history in space flight.

Join the Memphis ARTCC as we staff up Huntsville, AL (HSV), on June 3rd from 2300z - 0300z!

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