Congrats to VATUSA Q1 & Q2 C3 Rating Awardees

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Congrats to VATUSA Q1 & Q2 C3 Rating Awardees
« on: September 06, 2023, 11:50:24 AM »

VATUSA awards the C3 (Senior Controller) rating to controllers who have contributed to our hobby with their active participation and significant contributions within the operations of VATUSA.  These controllers must be nominated and approved by USA1 before they can be awarded the C3.  The C3 is no small feat – and is the highest non instructor or administrative rating possible on VATSIM. 

Therefore, we would like to congratulate those who received their C3 rating in Q1 & Q2!  If you see any of these individuals around – be sure to congratulate them and thank them for their time and effort! 

Congratulations to: 

Jon Owens – ZHQ
Ashar Hussain – ZOB
Kenneth Fenstermaker – ZFW
Colton Albonetti – ZOB
Chris Carnett - ZOB
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