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  • Light Up America: Live from FSExpo: June 21, 2024

[06/21/2024 2300-0400z] Light Up America: Live from FSExpo

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[06/21/2024 2300-0400z] Light Up America: Live from FSExpo
« on: November 28, 2023, 09:52:54 PM »

It's a shame that events often fail to provide pilots with an abundance of options. Typically they will feature only a couple airfields, and aviators will only have a couple city-pairs to consider if they want some stellar ATC service. Well on June 21, you can forget about that problem.

VATUSA will be live from FSExpo in Las Vegas on June 21 from 2300 to 0400z. We are guaranteeing coverage from coast to coast, sea to sea, border to border, however you want to say it. The hardest part about this event: choosing where to fly. You'll only have five hours of guaranteed coverage, so make the most of it. Our recommendation: do something different. Don't take out the 737 for your classic bored milk runs. Load up a plane that you haven't tried in a while. Visit a part of the country that you haven't seen before. Whatever you do, you know you'll have coverage from VATSIM's best.

Be part of VATUSA's signature event and help us...

Light Up America
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