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  • NTHNS Hot Dog Eating Contest: July 02, 2024

[7/2/2024] NTHNS Hot Dog Eating Contest

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[7/2/2024] NTHNS Hot Dog Eating Contest
« on: January 17, 2024, 07:25:55 AM »

The week of July 4th in New York City includes many different activities. You can enjoy the classic parades and fireworks, or, hear me out, jam your mouth (or watch others jam theirs) full of hotdogs at the annual Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest!

For 52 glorious years, tourists and locals have flocked to Coney Island to enjoy or even participate in this tradition. While this network hasn’t been around nearly as long, this July 4th week, instead of jamming your mouths with hot dogs, you can jam up the runways at LaGuardia (LGA), home of the NTHNS 5 departure!

Event Field: KLGA
Date & Time: July 2nd, 2024, 7:00pm → 10:00pm Eastern (2300z - 0200z)
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