vZME Weekly Spotlight: Northwest Arkansas (KXNA) June 26th @ 2200z

Eric Bolt

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The vZME Weekly Spotlight Event aims to bring pilot's the joy of flying into and out of vZME's great list of smaller airports.

This week we focus on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (KXNA). It is perhaps the smallest airport to see year-round, nonstop daily service to major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC, largely due to the presence of one of the world's largest companies, Wal-Mart, in nearby Bentonville.

Roger Municipal Airport (KROG) and Drake Field (KFYV) will also be staffed for pilot to fly in and out of.

Come join us for this great weekly event featuring a small, yet prosperous Northwest Arkansas Airport.

June 26th @ 2200z @ KXNA, KROG, KFYV
Eric R. Bolt
vZTL Events Coordination Conglomerate President