Beautiful After Work Business Commuting Trip To Home

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Beautiful After Work Business Commuting Trip To Home
« on: May 27, 2020, 10:11:38 AM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a famous after work business commuting flight to go home from CYVR Vancouver International Airport located 7.5 miles from downtown Vancouver to CYXD Edmonton City Centre Airport located within the city of Edmonton just north of the city centre.

On airborne on climb to fl330 after take off with nice background view of entire city landscape of Vancouver

Still climbing with background view of Vancouver suburb called Richmond seen below the plane wings and view of Westham island as well as Fraser River can be seen below two fins (whatever they are called) located on bottom of the plane

Climbing through heavy clouds

Still climbing

Now at fl250 still on ascend to fl330

Now cruising at 33,000 ft past ground view of CYXX Abbotsford International Airport located 2.5 miles southwest of the city centre of Abbotsford

Approaching mountains of Canadian Rockies of Glacier National Park of Canada

Crossing Canadian Rockies can be fun

Woo woo  look how high the Canadian Rockies mountains are

look at the very high mountain in background which is probably 13,000 ft high Mount Robson in Banff area

Cruising at 33,000 ft

On left side is no mountains and on right side is mountains   

Crossing MORE Canadian Rockies mountains in below four or five screenshots

Background view of sun starting to descend which is typical for after work commuting flight on way home

Starting descent to 10,000 ft

Amazing view of sunset

At 10,000 ft

At 5,000 ft showing beautiful snowy landscape

At 3,000 ft showing background view of CYEG Edmonton International Airport located 16 miles south southwest of downtown Edmonton

On final runway approach to runway 34 past entire city landscape of Edmonton

Runway approach to runway 34 offers you fantastic view of whole city of Edmonton!!

Passing business district of Edmonton which any of you Edmonton natives can identify those skyscapers

Below the nose of the aircraft shows background view of famous Rexall Place located on the north side of Northlands suburb of Edmonton and this stadium is home to Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League, the Edmonton Rush of the National Lacrosse League and the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL

Wing view of business district and the stadium

Seconds before touchdown


Front landing wheels gliding down slowly

Making runway contact by front wheels

Braking down

Exiting from runway 34 into taxiway C on way to gate

Dig out AMAZING wing view

Therefore concludes recreation of famous regular business commuting flight by Pacific Western airline from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Thank you for viewing. Please stay tuned for next exciting flight.