ZAB seeks Staff Instructors

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ZAB seeks Staff Instructors
« on: March 17, 2010, 07:20:48 AM »
Job Title: Staff Instructor
Location: VATUSA Albuquerque (ZAB)
Department: Training
Job Summary: The Staff Instructor provides instruction to students in air traffic control procedures in several areas including theory, training server, and live-network environments. This position is responsible for scheduling their training sessions with students and documentating sessions.
Essential Job Functions:
70% - Work with a student in learning air traffic control procedures, both general and local, in theory, a training server, or live-network environment.
10% - Documenting training sessions using web based tracking system.
10% - Evaluating students for promotion using ZAB policies/procedures.
5% - Providing additional/advanced training as directed by the Training Administrator or ATM.
5% - Working with ARTCC management on other tasks as requested.
Minimum Qualifications:
*Controller 1 Rating.
*Member must be in good standing with VATSIM with no serious infractions resulting in a suspension for the past 6 months. No duplicate CID creations to circumvent any previous suspensions.
*Read, write, and speak in english.
*Able to work within a team environment.
*Presently an active VATUSA division member.
*Able to work with students in a calm and respectful manner, including some students which may prove to be difficult.
*Previous training (online or real-world) is a plus.
Time requirements: Conduct 4 training sessions per month.
Application: Persons wishing to apply for the position send an email with resume to:  [email protected] and [email protected]
In your cover letter please include the following:
Current ARTCC
Rating Currently Held
Current or former Mentor/Instructor experience
"Why you think you would be a good Instructor at Albuquerque."
"How you plan to improve the Albuquerque ARTCC as an Instructor."

Reccomendations: Candidates from outside the VATUSA Albuquerque ARTCC must have a recommendation letter from an instructor or training administrator in their current facility.
Applicants from within ZAB must currently hold an Approved Mentor status.

This is an on-going posting with no immediate closing date. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Brian Pryor