vUSAF pilots prepare for Operation Red Flag Alaska 2011

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vUSAF pilots prepare for Operation Red Flag Alaska 2011
« on: July 02, 2011, 12:14:15 AM »
07/01/2011 - EILSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- Virtual United States Air Force Airmen from across the globe are setting course for the Wilderness of Alaska as Red Flag Alaska 2011 begins on August 11th.

Red Flag Alaska is a commander directed combat training exercise for vUSAF pilots and invited vSOA pilots and commanders. The operation simulates offensive and counter offensive air to air operations, close air support, and downed pilot rescues.

The August Event is being spearheaded by vUSAF Director of Operations Lt. Gen. Brett 'Brick' Knuth and Lt. Gen. Sean 'Dad' Peterson. "We have chosen two team leads to represent the fictional countries of Yukonia and Foxtonio which will each strive to dominate the other in the activities" said Lt. Gen Sean Peterson.

Operation Red Flag will continue through the middle of August. In order to compete in the exercise pilots must be mission qualified before the exercise start date. Interested prospective new members should proceed to the vUSAF website to learn more about the organization, there is a new training program in place to guide students with little or no experienced to seasoned pilots.

Interested vSOA partners should contact vUSAF Air Staff via the website.

For more information on this release, please visit

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