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ZAU Seeking Training Administrator
« on: January 25, 2017, 08:09:41 PM »
ZAU Training Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

1.   Reports to the ATM; VATUSA3 as necessary
2.   Must hold C1 rating or above
3.   Maintains, updates and manages training program, lessons, sweatbox scenarios, exam rubrics
4.   Abides by the requirements of the VASTIM Global Ratings Policy
5.   Oversees the quality of the training program
6.   Responsible for seeking out, appointing, and managing ZAU Instructors and Mentors as necessary
7.   Hold periodic training meetings to discuss changes and updates
8.   Creatively designs training resources to help controllers progress through the training program more efficiently
9.   Approves exam assignment for students and finalizes promotions
10.   Attends staff meetings as called by the ATM or DATM
11.   Required to provide relevant articles to the monthly newsletter
12.   Maintain active online presence on the website, forum, teamspeak, and network
13.   Must post a minimum of 2 hours of training time per week on the ZAU Training Calendar
14.   Must complete a minimum of 7 hours of controlling time per month

The ideal candidate will also have staff and training experience, though not required, and be willing to serve on our training staff as a mentor or instructor.

How to Apply

Any interested candidates should submit the following:
-A professional VATSIM resume including any staff positions held in ATC and/or Virtual Airline, anticipated activity levels in the TA position, and one sentence statement on why you would be good for the position.
-A letter of recommendation from your ATM or VATUSA staff member
-Your vision and goals for the ZAU ARTCC and ideas on how to increase activity and training efficiency along with potential methods for achieving this.

Application materials can be sent to: [email protected]

Interviews will begin as soon as applications are received. The position will be filled as soon as the right candidate is found, so apply soon!
Mathew Magera
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