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Honolulu Control Facility Air Traffic Manager Vacancy Announcement

Position: Air Traffic Manager
Location: Honolulu Control Facility (HCF)
Time Commitment: 4 to 8 hours per week+, and required monthly controller hours to maintain facility membership
Supervisor: Deputy Division Director - Air Traffic Services (ATS)
Application Deadline: Closes July 28th, 2023 23:59z

The Air Traffic Manager (ATM) is the overseer of all facility operations. The ATM's primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the facility, along with drafting and implementing facility policies and LOAs. The ATM is the primary point of contact and representative of the facility for VATUSA management.
Main responsibilities:

Manage the facility
Handle Transfer/Visiting requests
Maintain the facility roster
Communicate regularly with VATUSA2
Foster a positive, healthy, and educational environment for members to learn and grow in
Develop/Grow the facility in alignment with division goals
Oversee the TA and DATM directly
Implement and maintain facility policy alongside the DATM
Manage an active staff of DATM, TA, EC, FE, and WM

Potential responsibilities (based on facility needs):

VATUSA Workgroups
Assisting the Junior and Senior staff in all aspects
Community moderation/development

Requirements for the role:

Active member of VATSIM in good standing
Ability to maintain facility activity requirement standards
Strong understanding of the WM, EC, FE, TA, and DATM roles
Obtained a rating of C1
Ability to manage a team of at least 5
Positive and professional attitude with the time commitment necessary to lead the facility
Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred qualifications for this role:

Familiarity with the facility
Strong understanding of US Airspace and the NAS
Understanding of the VATUSA Structure

ATM is a Senior Staff role and therefore is not an entry-level position. The ATM will be required to dedicate several hours daily to managing the facility. However, the ATM must also be able to utilize his/her staff to effectively delegate tasks to assure the continued operation of the facility.

If you wish to apply for the ATM position, please email Brandon Wening, Deputy Division Director - Air Traffic Services ([email protected]) with a detailed VATSIM/relevant real-world résumé and cover letter by July 28th, 2023 23:59z.
Brandon Wening
Deputy Division Director, ATS