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  • PCF Presents 4th Annual Ending the Year In Paradise: December 17, 2021

[12/17/2021 2359Z to 0400Z] PCF Presents 4th Annual Ending The Year In Paradise

Carson Murphy

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Please join the Pacific Control Facility for our 4th annual Ending The Year In Paradise. As the weather starts to get chilly in much of the United States, Hawaii remains a tropical paradise. This makes it the perfect place for a holiday getaway! Our controllers will be staffing 5 airports throughout Hawaii, providing ample opportunity for pilots to see a new island! We encourage pilots to fly across the islands or from the mainland to some of our smaller fields. This is the best way to avoid metering procedures in effect at PHNL and PHOG!

Pilot Briefing is now available!!
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Robert Shearman Jr

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We've started a livestream series on the VATUSA Twitch channel called "Friday Night Hotspot: FNO Preview" where we host a panel discussion with representatives from the FNO's featured facilities, discussing tips and tricks for avoiding some of the common pitfalls when flying in the event.  Last night was our sixth installment, previewing this event.  Unfortunately the Twitch VOD has some audio muted even though the music used was royalty-free -- but there's an archive of the local recording on my YouTube channel, here:

(So, okay, yes -- in fairness, this is a LITTLE of a self-promo -- but we, being the VATUSA media team, are really hopeful that these panel discussions are helpful to pilots considering flying the event.  Hopefully you agree!)