Exciting Charter Trip Offered By Teal Airline

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Exciting Charter Trip Offered By Teal Airline
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:31:22 AM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting an exciting charter demonstration flight abroad brand new Teal DC-8-52 from YSNF Norfolk Island International Airport on the west side of Norfolk Island located in South Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia to NZAA Auckland Airport located 13 miles south of the city centre of Auckland, New Zealand.

Excited press reporters, aviation experts, businessmen, politicians, and national celebrities boarding this brand new plane for their first thrilling DC-8-52 experience on special public relations  promotional charter flight

Being pushed back by airport tug

Starting engines resulting into thick black smoke to much delight of airport lookers and photographers struggling and pushing against each other to get glimpse of brand new plane

Taxiing toward runway 22

Engines roaring producing black smokes during taxi to delight airport spotters

Backtracking on beginning of runway 22

Airborne on climb to Fl310

Still climbing

Making left 180 degree turn toward New Zealand

Still in middle of the left turn

Excited passengers on left window can see Norfolk Island ahead seen in front of nose tip of the plane

Passing the island and its airport of departure which gives passengers great view of the whole island

Now cruising at Fl310 across Pacific Ocean while passengers are experiencing new seat trays and DC-8-52 refreshment services (not sure if there is audio headphone service for that)

Engines roaring during cruise

Cruising past puffs of clouds

Check out brand new plane


Approaching northern tip of North Island of New Zealand where you can see Ngataea/Hooper Point on that northern tip and the name of the beach from the tip down to bottom of screenshot is called Te Horo Beach

Cruising across landscape of Tutamoe Range

Cruising past Wairoa River

Now at 10,000 ft flying past waters of Kaipara Harbour or Otamatea Channel

Hard to pinpoint this location but I think it is above Waitemata Harbour where you can see highway route number 16 bridge just below second passenger window

On final runway approach to runway 23left passing Wiri suburb of Auckland city where you can see main highway called route number 20 Southern Motorway

Seconds before touchdown


Front landing gear gliding down slowly in most graceful manner

Front wheels making runway contact

Exiting from runway 23 left into taxiway A8 toward gate

Taxiing on runway 23R toward gate

Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight report.