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  • SoCal Sunday Presents: Las Vegas?!?: October 16, 2022

[10/16/2022 2200Z-0200Z] SoCal Sundays Presents: Las Vegas?!?

Mike Bencivenga

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[10/16/2022 2200Z-0200Z] SoCal Sundays Presents: Las Vegas?!?
« on: August 30, 2022, 04:04:17 PM »

Well, this is awkward. We were supposed to continue SoCal Sunday, but it looks like the goblins got into our events files and swapped our fields to Las Vegas? Well Let’s roll with it I guess! Come join Virtual Los Angeles ARTCC as we staff up L30 and the underlying airports for you flying pleasure on what should be a fun, busy beautiful Sunday Afternoon!

And we promise, we won’t let the ghouls near the event stuff next month.

Date and Time: Sunday October 16th 2200z-0200z (1500-1900 PT)

Event Fields: LAS, HND, VGT
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