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  • Over the River and Through the Woods FNO: November 17, 2023

[17 Nov 2023 2359-0400z] Over the River and Through the Woods FNO

Jonathan Johnson

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The headwinds are strong, the leaves are brown
Everyone is flying back to their hometown
There's no nonstop route in from the coasts,
Come lay over with your Midwestern hosts
Our biggest hubs are staffed to the brim,
For you to fly out, fly through, fly in
No need for a sleigh, no need for a horse,
Join your fellow traveller in the crowded concourse,
Trading 757s for CRJs, there's not long to stay,
Waiting at the gate before a delay,
So let the best of ZOB, ZMP, and ZME get you up and away,
Over the river and through the woods, home for Thanksgiving Day

Join the Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Memphis ARTCCs as we prepare to send you home for Thanksgiving with 4 hours of nonstop coverage featuring KDTW, KMSP, and KMEM from 2359z to 0400z. We hope to see you all there!!
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