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Come join The Pilot Club and ZLA as we present another iteration of Fly In Thursday!! This time we are going to the desert and featuring Sin City, Las Vegas, NV!! come fly from anywhere into beautiful Las Vegas, keep in mind the main arrival push will be between 0100z-0200z (6-7 PM PDT) so some then if you want to join the conga line!!

Date and Time: 20APR23 2359z-0300z (8-11 PM EDT)

Featured Field: KLAS

Events / [13MAR23 2359Z-0300z] Spring in SoCal
« on: February 11, 2023, 05:51:39 PM »

Come join the ZLA ARTCC and vNAS testers as we staff up SoCal on a Monday evening and test the vNAS server, and all associated software and push it to the limit! IFR, VFR light prop, jet bring it all and fly into, out of and around SoCal on a cool Monday evening in March!!!

Featuring: The SoCal TRACON

Date and time:

Monday March 13, 2023. 2359z-0300z ( 7PM - 10PM ET)

Events / [01/29/2023 2300Z- 0300Z] SoCal Sundays Presents: San Bernadino!!
« on: December 08, 2022, 11:35:22 AM »

ZLA is continuing our SoCal Sundays, back after taking a month off for some holiday time off! We will be staffing the wonderful Empire sector for the month of January! Come join us as we staff up Ontario, Chino, Palm Springs and San Bernardino on a nice wintery Sunday evening!

Date and time: Sunday January 29th 2300z-0300z (1500-1900 PT)

Event Fields: ONT, SBD, PSP, CNO

Events / [11/17/2022 2359Z-0400Z] Fly-In Thursday: Nevada!
« on: October 22, 2022, 08:24:58 AM »

Come join The Pilot Club, Sky Blue Radio and the Virtual Los Angeles ARTCC as we present a nice Thursday fly into the outskirts of Las Vegas! Henderson Tower will be staffed for our GA friends and anyone looking to fly in the pattern, and about 10 miles East, Boulder City airport will be available for those wanting to practice uncontrolled field ops!

ZLA will be staffed from 2359-0400Z (4-8 PM PT) with a time on target of between 0200-0300Z (6-7 PM PT), so shoot for that gap if you want to come join everyone else!

Date and Time: Thursday November 17th 2359-0400Z

Event Fields: KHND (staffed) KBVU (uncontrolled)

Events / [11/6/2022 2100Z-2359Z] Santa Barbara / Bakersfield Staff up!!
« on: October 02, 2022, 04:40:17 AM »

Looking for a different place to fly this Sunday evening? Well it may not be SoCal Sunday, but come join vZLA as we staff up the Santa Barbara and Bakersfield sector of ZLA and give you a different view of the wonderful Coast of California! We will be staffing up all the sectors of both TRACONS as well as the underlying airports, so come fly IFR or VFR, into out of or around the area as we staff up for your flying pleasure!! See you all there!

Event Date & Time: Sunday November 6th 2100z-2359Z (1-4 PM PT)

Event Fields: SBA, BFL, CMA, SMX, SBP


ZLA is continuing our SoCal Sundays, back in SoCal after an October mishap! We will be staffing the wonderful Coast sector for the month of November! Come join us as we staff up John Wayne/Orange County, Long Beach and Fullerton airports on a nice fall Sunday evening!

Date and time: Sunday November 20th 2300z-0300z (1500-1900 PT)

Event Fields: SNA, FUL, LGB

Events / [10/16/2022 2200Z-0200Z] SoCal Sundays Presents: Las Vegas?!?
« on: August 30, 2022, 04:04:17 PM »

Well, this is awkward. We were supposed to continue SoCal Sunday, but it looks like the goblins got into our events files and swapped our fields to Las Vegas? Well Let’s roll with it I guess! Come join Virtual Los Angeles ARTCC as we staff up L30 and the underlying airports for you flying pleasure on what should be a fun, busy beautiful Sunday Afternoon!

And we promise, we won’t let the ghouls near the event stuff next month.

Date and Time: Sunday October 16th 2200z-0200z (1500-1900 PT)

Event Fields: LAS, HND, VGT

Events / [09/25/2022 2200Z-0200Z] SoCal Sundays Presents: San Diego!!
« on: August 30, 2022, 03:59:22 PM »

Hello and welcome back to the first iteration of SoCal Sundays!! And for our first stop? The beautiful San Diego Area of SoCal! Come join the Virtual Los Angeles ARTCC as we staff up the San Diego TRACON as well as the underlying airports as well! Feel free to fly into, out of, and around as we staff San Diego, Ramona and North Island airports!!!

Date & Time: Sunday September 25th 2200-0200Z (1500-1900 PT)

Event Fields: SAN, RNM, NZY

Events / [9/18/2022 2359-0400Z] Whose House??
« on: August 26, 2022, 05:22:32 PM »

Rams house!

Join ZLA and celebrate the Superbowl Champions Los Angeles Rams home opener at SoFi Stadium!

Time: 2359 - 0400z

Events / Fly-In Thursday: Savannah, SC! 2300Z-0200Z
« on: July 27, 2022, 03:10:46 PM »

The Pilot Club is coming back to the Lowcountry! Join us on Thursday September 8th from 2300z-0200z and fly into Savannah Airport with your biz jets, and the smaller Hilton Head (KHXD) airport for all you GA loving folks! The bulk of the traffic will be coming in between 0100z-0200z so that's your window to hit if you want the join the conga line!! Come out and enjoy some beautiful Lowcountry views on a Thursday night!!

Event Fields: Savannah (KSAV) & Hilton Head (KHXD)

Date and Time: Thursday September 8th 2300Z-0200Z (7PM - 10PM ET)


Come join the Jacksonville ARTCC asv we staff up the Daytona Beach TRACON and surrounding airports this month in out monthly TRACON Thursday series! We will be staffing up Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Flagler and New Smyrna airports for your IFR or VFR pleasure! So come join us and fly into/ out of or around the beautiful Florida Coast and enjoy some amazing, fully staffed ATC!

Event Fields: KDAB, KEVB, KFIN, KOMN

Date & Time: Thursday July 7th / 200Z-0100Z (6pm- 9 PMET)

Events / [08/27/2022 1800Z-2200Z] Coke Zero Sugar 400 Fly-In
« on: May 22, 2022, 07:00:43 AM »

Okay so hear me out...We had to cancel the Daytona 500, but we are back just in time for the Coke Zero Sugar 400 Fly-In! Come join the Virtual Jacksonville ARTCC as we fly into Daytona beach the morning of the Coke Zero Sugar 400 and get some amazing view of the Florida coast as you get ready to enjoy the race at night! We will have the TRACON fully staffed, as well as surrounding airports of Flagler, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna airfields for your IFR or VFR pleasure! Lets go Racing! Boogity Boogity Boogity!!!!

Event field: KDAB, KEVB, KFIN, KOMN.

Date & Time: Saturday August 27th 1800Z-2200Z (2 PM - 6 PM ET)


Come join the Jacksonville ARTCC as we continue our monthly TRACON Thursday series. Where are we going this month? This month we will featuring the lovely TRACON of Jacksonill, FL! We will be staffing up Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala and St. Augustine for your pleasure! Come fly into out of and around with us!


Date and time: Thursday 09 June 2022, 2200Z-0100Z (6-9PM EDT)

Events / 05/27/2022 2300z-0300z] Atlantic Route Madness
« on: April 26, 2022, 05:11:54 PM »

Come join the Virtual Jacksonville and Washington ARTCCs as we present the second coming of the Atlantic Route Madness! We will staff up the lower Eastern seaboard for your flying please, and staff up some of our busiest fields to give a chance to fly all the way up the coast on a dark Friday night in the US!


Presented by: ZJX

Event Time: May 12th, 2022 | 2200z - 0100z

Want some easy going to fly on a cool weeknight in May Come join The Jacksonville ARTCC as we continue our monthly TRACON Thursday series! Join us as we head to the lovely Southwest corner of Florida, Pensacola Florida to visit the Blue Angels and visit NAS Whiting Field, Pensacola INTL, NAS Sherman Field, and Choctaw Field! Feel free to fly into, out of or between any of these fields and enjoy some spectacular views of the Florida coast!

Event Field(s): NAS Whiting Field (KNDZ), Pensacola INTL (KPNS) NAS Sherman Field( KPNA) Choctaw Field (KNFJ)

Date & Time: Thursday May 12th, 2022 2200Z-0100Z (6PM-9PM EDT)

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