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  • ZJX Tracon Thursdays Presents: Pensacola!: May 12, 2022

[05/12/2022 2200-0100] ZJX Tracon Thursdays Presents: Pensacola!

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Presented by: ZJX

Event Time: May 12th, 2022 | 2200z - 0100z

Want some easy going to fly on a cool weeknight in May Come join The Jacksonville ARTCC as we continue our monthly TRACON Thursday series! Join us as we head to the lovely Southwest corner of Florida, Pensacola Florida to visit the Blue Angels and visit NAS Whiting Field, Pensacola INTL, NAS Sherman Field, and Choctaw Field! Feel free to fly into, out of or between any of these fields and enjoy some spectacular views of the Florida coast!

Event Field(s): NAS Whiting Field (KNDZ), Pensacola INTL (KPNS) NAS Sherman Field( KPNA) Choctaw Field (KNFJ)

Date & Time: Thursday May 12th, 2022 2200Z-0100Z (6PM-9PM EDT)
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