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  • The New York FNO: February 10, 2023

[02/10/2023 2359z - 0400z] The New York FNO

Umar Ashraf

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[02/10/2023 2359z - 0400z] The New York FNO
« on: January 16, 2023, 09:46:34 AM »

“Departure, American 2745 in the turn to 220 climbing 10 for 12”
“American 2745, NY Departure, maintain 12,000, do not exceed 250 knots for in trail”
40 miles later…
“American 2745, direct WHITE and climb to 17,000”

This example highlights one of the most unrealized aspects of the N90 (New York) TRACON covering 3 class bravo fields, the 25-layered cake. Unlike ORD or ATL where every plane gets nicely flowed onto a downwind, base, and final, New York traffic is on routes that overlay each other as planes are landing and departing several different fields simultaneously within a 40 miles radius. If you were to pick one single waypoint over the Hudson River, there could be up to 10 different controllers that own different pieces of altitude all the way up to 60,000 feet. I give you… the complicated but ever beautiful, New York.

Event Field: KLGA, KJFK, KEWR
Date & Time: February 10th 2023, 7:00pm → 11:00pm Eastern (2359z - 0400z)
Umar Ashraf (UA)
ZNY Events Coordinator
New York ARTCC