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S2 Visiting Exemption Request
« on: May 07, 2024, 11:33:16 PM »
Effective May 12, 2024, an exemption will be required for an S2 controller to visit another subdivision. Pursuant to VATUSA policy DP001 13.4.1 "In rare circumstances, controllers within the VATUSA Division who hold an S2 rating may be authorized to visit a single ARTCC within VATUSA at the discretion of the Deputy Director- Air Traffic Services." The form attached below is used to facilitate the approval or denial of such exemption requests. Requests will only be considered if all of the below requirements are met. Meeting these requirements does not mean your request will be approved, but it will be considered. Only one request can be submitted at a time. If a request is denied, a controller may submit another request for a different ARTCC unless otherwise instructed. The request must be accepted by both VATUSA2 and the Visiting ARTCC ATM before an exemption may be granted. Once an exemption request is approved, the controller cannot submit another request for 6 months and until all other relevant requirements outlined in DP001 Section 13 are met. An S2 may only visit a maximum of one facility at once. An acceptance of an additional request shall promptly remove the controller from the previous visiting roster.

Must hold the S2 rating
Must be in good standing as a home controller in a VATUSA subdivision
Must have held the S2 rating for 1 year
Must have controlled for over 250 hours at the S2 level
Must not have any disciplinary history within the past 2 years
Must have met all relevant requirements in DP001 Section 13
Must not have had an exemption request accepted within the previous 6 months

Please contact Brandon Wening - Deputy Division Director, Air Traffic Services with any questions ([email protected])

S2 Visiting Exemption Request Form: https://vats.im/usas2visit