Position Posting: vZSE Events Coordinator

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Position Posting: vZSE Events Coordinator
« on: May 12, 2024, 10:38:10 AM »
Seattle ARTCC is seeking applicants for the soon-to-be-vacated Events Coordinator (EC) role at ZSE!

REPORTS TO: ZSE Deputy Air Traffic Manager

RESPONSIBLE FOR: The coordination, planning, and execution of events at the VATSIM Seattle ARTCC.

• Create, plan, and execute events to generate pilot and controller participation according
to the vZSE Event Policy while promoting vZSE.
• Coordinate with neighboring facilities to arrange support for events and arrange ZSE
support for events held by neighboring facilities.
• Maintain an active relationship with VAs and ATOs.
• Develop and distribute marketing materials to promote events and The Facility.
• Serve as Team Leader of the Events Team.
• Maintain an active online presence on the website, The Discord, VATSIM network, and
meet minimum controlling requirements.

Interested parties should send a letter of application, and a current VATSIM and/or real-world resume to the Deputy Air Traffic Manager by email at [email protected].

The application deadline for this position is Friday, May 31 2024.