Position Posting: Data Services Manager VATUSA6

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Position Posting: Data Services Manager VATUSA6
« on: June 14, 2023, 02:38:23 PM »
Applications are now being accepted for the position of Data Services Manager for VATUSA.

Reports to: VATUSA Support Manager, VATUSA4
Application Deadline: June 18 2023 2359z

Key Responsibilities:
* Functions as an interactive VATUSA staff member and attends meetings as necessary
* Manages and develops the VATUSA information technology platform including website, API, email server, Discord, TeamSpeak, and other services as assigned
* Maintains and develops the VATUSA server architecture
* Maintains policy manuals and documentation regarding the use of the API and other related data services
* Ensures appropriate data security procedures and policies are in place at both the VATUSA and sub-divisional level
* Commits to routinely backing up crucial VATUSA data
* Complies with data erasure requests as assigned by the Division Director or VATSIM management staff
* Manages the VATUSA web team
* Provides regular and necessary maintenance to the VATUSA information technology platform
* Guides and mentors the ARTCC Webmasters as required

Core Requirements:
* Active member of the network in good standing for at least 12 months
* Considerable experience and success in the development of web related services
* Able to effectively lead in a team environment
* Excellent written and oral communication skills
* No significant disciplinary record or history of unprofessional behavior
* Intimate knowledge of common programming languages, including PHP and JavaScript
* A basic understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, Moodle, and SMF
* Able to adapt to a constantly changing tech environment
* Knowledge of administering a MySQL database server
* Knowledge of administering an Ubuntu Linux server

Desired Skills and Capabilities:

* Demonstrated experience with ARTCC operations
* Demonstrated project management and planning skills
* Demonstrated possession and utilization of a high degree of energy, commitment and dedication
* Demonstrated qualities of understanding, patience and maturity
* Demonstrated ability to create high quality technical products

To be effective, the successful candidate must devote a considerable amount of time to the position. VATUSA Staff Members must spend 9 hours minimum per calendar quarter connected to the live network in any capacity as a Pilot, Controller, Mentor, Instructor, or Supervisor. Candidates must commit to devoting the time required. Only those who fully understand and meet the requirements and will make the appropriate commitment should apply. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they may be contacted for a comprehensive interview.

Interested members must provide a letter of application, including full name, active email, CID, rating, and a resume that includes a description of VATSIM experience including leadership roles. Additionally, the application should detail the applicant's reasons for wanting to lead the Data Services department, compelling evidence to show how the position requirements are met, and how the Division will thrive under the applicant's leadership. Submit links to GitHub or your portfolio of your work.

Submit Application to: Shane Friedman, VATUSA Support Manager, [email protected]

Application deadline is June 18th, 2023 2359z