Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Staff Vacancies

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Staff Vacancies
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Aloha Kākou

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters (BHH) is an upcoming virtual airline that needs staff! We are looking for people to join the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Ohāna (Family) and help create Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. For more information about Blue Hawaiian Helicopters look below!

Who are we?

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is a Hawaii based helicopter tour group. Blue Hawaiian Helicopter thrives to show off Hawaiis natural beauties from the sky!

What We Do!

Here at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters when we open we are looking to provide free Hawaii tours to people seeking to see Hawaii and its natural beauty. Hawaii is a beautiful sprawling archipelago of Islands and we want to show the world that!

Senior Staff Positions

- Vice President of Operations
- Training Administrator (Must have prior experience with helicopters)
- Marketing Administrator
- Human Resources Administrator

Staff Positions

- Events Coordinator
- Technology Coordinator (Coding Experience Required)
- Website Designer (Coding Experience Required)
- 6 Hub Managers (LIH, HPV, HNL, OGG, ITO, KOA)

Staff Requirements

- Must be Active in the Creation and future production of the Virtual Airline.
- Must do 3 flights minimum per month.
- Must be 15 Years of Age.
- Great communication & team work skills.
- Must work good in a team environment.
- Friendly and shows the Aloha Sprit.

Application Requirements

- Full Name & Vatsim CID
- Resume (Optional but suggested)
- 3 Paragraphs describing why you want the position.
- 3 Paragraphs describing why you should get the position.

All Applications Shall be sent to: [email protected]

Māhalo Nui Loa
Aiden Hirayama, CEO Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Virtual
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Re: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Staff Vacancies
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The Webmaster position and Technology Coordinator position is now closed. Thanks Lucas Achecar for filling these positions in!