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I'd like to invite anyone interested in historical aircraft to participate in this event.

This event has been designed around the historical aircraft that were operated by Delta Airlines, launching them into the premier air carrier they are today. Delta Virtual Airlines and Air France/KLM Virtual Airlines would like to extend a warm welcome to everybody as we fly from San Francisco, CA to Las Vegas, NV on a non-RNAV route challenging your ability to handle a historical aircraft, as well as your ability to navigate a historical aircraft!

Delta Virtual Airlines would like to encourage pilots to fly the Douglas DC-8 series aircraft; however, if you are not rated in the Douglas DC-8, we would like to encourage you to fly another historical aircraft that does not include an FMC/FMS. If you are not entirely confident in VOR to VOR navigation, that is okay! Delta Virtual Airlines would like to invite you to fly your favorite Douglas DC-8 with a GPS!

This flight is going to be a lot of fun! With help from the Douglas DC-8 program staff, Delta Virtual Senior Staff, Delta Virtual events, and the VATSIM team, we are prepared to bring you a night of flight!

Come join us and experience it all over again, the Delta Virtual way.

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