[Position Posting] Anchorage ARTCC Training Adminstrator

[Position Posting] Anchorage ARTCC Training Adminstrator
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Position Posting: Anchorage ARTCC Training Administrator
Submission Deadline: Open Until Filled

Anchorage is VATUSA's largest Continental US ARTCC. We have over 2 million square miles of airspace open to explore, with everything from the Pacific Fjords in the southeast, glaciers across the state, arctic tundra of the north, and the real bush experience. Anchorage is a growing ARTCC with a need of someone energetic and committed to helping continue the growth that we have experienced.

Key Responsibilities:
- Reports to the Air Traffic Manager and VATUSA3
- Oversees a comprehensive ARTCC Training Department and academy
- Develops and maintains a training policy, simulation files, and training materials
- Manages and mentors a team of Instructors and Mentors
- Supports the Anchorage ARTCC's mission of creating quality controllers, while creating and maintaining open, friendly, and accepting community
- Lead and effectively manage a team of mentors and instructors, including facilitating a structure for applications and onboarding new training staff members
- Serves as a leader to coach and motivate controllers while upholding a culture that builds exceptional internal and external pilot experiences
- Perform multiple functions, including project management, instructional design, and instructional writing
- Assess learning needs accurately and propose creative and effective learning solutions
- Initiate and manage throughout the lifecycle of project, including: initiating projects, creating project plans, executing all milestones and tasks, monitoring risk, and evaluating success
- Leverage a diverse set of skills and delivery approaches, including: instructor led, blended, experiential, media based, performance support, and other emerging technologies
- Organization design for Anchorage Training, inclusive of consulting to understand needs, building project roadmaps, and guiding/managing the org design process in partnership with ARTCC Partners to support ZAN goals
- Supports and participates in initiatives that give back to the VATSIM community
- Supports the recruitment, retention and development of a diverse range of talented people to fill the roles of Instructors and Mentors
- Holds self and others accountable to high performance standards while providing pilots with memorable experiences
- Ability to listen to feedback and take constructive action
- Maintains, updates and manages training program, lessons, sweatbox scenarios, exam rubrics
- Attends periodic meetings to report on ARTCC activities
- Ensures that Anchorage is following all VATSIM and VATUSA training directives

- Prior I1 experience
- Oversees the quality of the training program
- Be able to meet all activity requirements as outlined in the ZAN ARTCC Administrative Manual and all sections thereof (as appropriate)
- No history of significant or recent behavioral issues

Preferred Skills:
- Teaching/Education experience (on or off VATSIM)
- Leadership, managerial, or supervisory experience (real world or VATSIM applicable)
- Familiarity with the Anchorage policies and procedures
- Demonstrates the qualities of understanding, patience, restraint, and professionalism

How to Apply:
Please note that this position requires a significant time commitment. Interested applicants shall email their application package with the subject title "ZAN TA Application Package" to [email protected] with the following:

- Full name, CID, and email address
- Resume, including any applicable real world/virtual experience
- Letter of intent explaining "Why Anchorage and why this position is for you"
- Your goals for your first six months as Training Administrator

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an in-depth interview.