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Pacific Logistics - Now Accepting Applications
« on: April 24, 2017, 11:18:08 PM »

Who We Are - Pacific Logistics is a full-service freight provider, based in Los Angeles, California (LAX). We offer a wide array of shipping solutions, and pride ourselves on our flexibility. A fleet of modern and well-maintained Boeing 777s and 747s provides us with a global reach, as well as an excellent payload capacity - all without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Our optimized route network and 24/7 dispatch department ensure that even the most time-sensitive commodities can reach any corner of the globe. Since 2013, we have been impressing our clients by meeting even their most demanding shipping requirements.

What We Are Looking For - Pacific Logistics is a virtual airline that was founded to simulate the operations of a fictional cargo carrier. We are geared towards those flight sim enthusiasts who desire a little extra realism in their hobby. PacLog is unlike a majority of virtual airlines in the sense that pilots do not fly a wide range of various aircraft to an almost endless list of destinations. Instead, much like a real-world airline, pilots apply for a specific type of aircraft, and if accepted, fly that type within our carefully constructed route network. Furthermore, while hours are great for tracking experience and activity, all upgrades and promotions are based on seniority. This means that PacLog does not accept transferred hours, though they will be taken into account during the application process.

We are currently hiring first officers and direct-entry captains for both our B747-400F and B777-200LRF fleet. Applicants desiring a direct-entry captain position must have previous verifiable type time. We currently support the PMDG 777-200LRF as well as the PMDG 747-400F (v2 and v3). Please visit to see a list of available openings.

What We Offer -
  • Seniority-based bidding
  • Modern and sleek custom ACARS program
  • Compatibility with major flight sim add-ons
  • Realistic and extensive route network
  • Custom documents such as checklists and SOPs
Please feel free to take a look around our website and contact us with any questions you might have.

Andrew De Forest
[email protected]