TWO new VATSTAR Instructors!

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TWO new VATSTAR Instructors!
« on: May 27, 2017, 09:47:54 PM »
Please welcome new VATSTAR Instructors, James Adamini and Daniel Martin!

James hails from South Africa and has several hundred hours each of piloting and controlling on VATSIM.  He is also studying to achieve his real-world Private Pilot's Certificate.  Daniel is from Australia, also has several hundred hours flying and controlling, and is also rated as a VATSIM Oceanic controller.  Both will be teaching in the P1 and P2 programs and are both looking to progress toward achieving and teaching within higher Pilot Ratings programs.

VATSTAR's Instructor staff is becoming truly global, with ten total Instructors on staff now: five from the US, one from Canada, one from Denmark, one from Singapore, one from South Africa, and one from Australia.  We recently reduced the minimum time commitment to four hours per month, to help us broaden our reach and diversify our staff's background.  We are still accepting applications so please visit us at, "About Us," and "Careers" if you are interested.  Minimum qualifications are 1 year on the network, 150+ pilot hours, and P1 and P2 pilot ratings.