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Fly High Virtual | Now Departing!
« on: November 16, 2020, 01:54:52 AM »
Fellow Enthusiasts,

Fly High Virtual is a new Virtual Airline that was made FOR enthusiasts, by enthusiasts! We offer an exclusive user experience with our unique, in-depth, and interactive pilot center; guaranteed pilot satisfaction with over 70,000 routes flown by an extensive fleet thats operated by more than 20 US Airlines (AAL,AAY,ASA,ASH,ASQ,AWI,DAL,EDV,ENY,GJS,JBU,JIA,NKS,PDT,QXE,RPA,SKW,SWA,UAL,UCA) with more international and cargo operators on the way!

Our mission is simple: To create a culture that is inclusive to all skill-levels within our community while offering an easy, unique, and in-depth virtual flying experience. With an impressive 10+ years in the hobby, our staff team ensures that your experience flying with Fly High Virtual is a smooth one.

We plan to become an official VATSIM ATO with our unique curriculum to be created by a diverse team with real world flying/controlling experience, and over 10+ years of combined VATSIM flying and controlling knowledge.

We use the smartCARS2 ACARS as our Flight Tracking software compatible with X-Plane, P3D, FSX & more!

Ready to start (or improve) your virtual flying career? Join Fly high Virtual today!


Fly High Virtual Executive Committee
Dylan Lundberg
Air Traffic Manager
Memphis ARTCC
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[Former VATUSA9, ATM(x2), DATM, TA(x2), EC(x2)]