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The Control Room Floor / Re: Sector file
« on: October 23, 2021, 07:27:42 AM »
Thank you, I will look at them. Does ATC-Pie use them as well? I have been looking at it as an alternative, or what do VATSIM ATCers use?

The Control Room Floor / Sector file
« on: October 22, 2021, 04:01:42 PM »
I have been asked to perform some ATC for my VA at an annual event. These guys are like me, older, over 70 for the most part, primarily Dutch (I'm American) and do not prefer to fly VATSIM, but on our own server. I have downloaded ATC-Pie and Euroscope, but I can not find sector files. We will be holding our own Oshkosh event and I would like to use the correct sector file. Any help in this area?

Thanks and really enjoy VATSIM myself.

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