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The Control Room Floor / Hello everybody!
« on: August 19, 2017, 01:28:23 AM »
Hello everybody!

My name is Mason and I am a pilot in the real world. I currently have my private license as well as my instrument rating. I am also about 50 hours into my commercial training. I did all of my private training in a Cessna 152, half of my instrument training in a Cessna 172N and the other half in a 2005 Cirrus SR20. Instrument training was BY FAR the funnest flying I have ever done, the feeling of taking the hood off and seeing the approach lights, knowing I just shot an entire approach without looking outside, is surreal. I also loved the seriousness and intensity of communicating with ATC on an IFR flight plan. I've been a flight simmer since high school and I have heard about VATSIM. I've always been curious how thing operate on the other side of the radio so I'm hoping to do some controlling on VATSIM during my freetime to help clarify my curiosity. I hope I can meet a lot of wonderful people and share some insight into real world flying!

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