VATUSA ATC Training Update

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VATUSA ATC Training Update
« on: September 13, 2022, 09:22:30 PM »
For the past few weeks, I've been meeting with the senior staff from each facility as well as each member of ZHQ. I've held the position of VATUSA3 (Deputy Director Training Services) until such time Meg, Nathan, and I had a chance to meet and discuss their future plans to work with us as a division.

I am pleased to officially announce my departure from VATUSA3 and the appointment of Meg Bruck as the Deputy Director of Training Services and Nathan Forste as VATUSA13, Training Services Manager.

In light of an effort to encourage increased collaboration and communication around the division, as well as the predictable goals that will be established as a result of my meetings, we've shuffled around the responsibilities of VATUSA3, VATUSA13, and VATUSA14 in order to better suit the team and attend to the needs of the division.

Instead of VATUSA14 simply being affiliated with the Academy, their general role and responsibility will be to assist with the creation and development of new training initiatives, as well as to manage teams of volunteers that will tackle specific division training goals. While Meg and Nathan will continue to handle existing concerns and routinely collaborate with instructional staff throughout the division, VATUSA14 will primarily focus on the progression of outstanding projects that require completion. We anticipate that with this redefined sense of purpose, we will be able to see all of our desired tasks completed in a timely fashion.

Training is a vital component of our overall operation and we must continue to treat it with respect and dignity. What we do as teachers makes or breaks us as a division, and we all know that it is not an easy obligation to fulfill. Through various hurdles of unavoidable adversity, we continue to pick ourselves up and support one another for the sake of this network's future. It is because of volunteers like you that we continue to exist and VATUSA as a whole continues to place itself at the forefront of progress and innovation. The tide is changing and we're affecting change that is felt all the way to the very top of the organization.

Meg and Nathan have repeatedly demonstrated their passion, expertise, and willingness to bring us to new heights. Now we call upon everyone in VATUSA to continue to help them on their journey, participate in future projects, and forge pathways to a more successful, sustainable, and profitable future!