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VPilot for VR
« on: November 09, 2022, 08:33:25 AM »
Wondering if there is any utility available or being developed that places a Comms window inside of the VR environment? As I’m always looking for utilities that help me stay 100% VR this is frustrating to have to jump out of VR to find a freq. or read a message. Open Kneeboard has a radio message page that reads messages from DCS and I’m wondering if something like that couldn’t be used. If anyone knows of something else being used or a work around I’d appreciate knowing about it. Thanks!

David Glaser

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Re: VPilot for VR
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2022, 01:03:34 PM »
Not to my knowledge. XPilot, or rather its plugin, is very nice in VR but that doesn't help you as a MSFS2020 user. I read awhile back about OVR Toolkit which, by the sound of it, allows ANY window to be imported into MSFS VR. It's a Steam product https://store.steampowered.com/app/1068820/OVR_Toolkit/

I have not personally tried this as I prefer XPlane and XPilot works VERY well in VR.

Another aspect of running VR in MSFS is turning on the notifications in your VPilot settings to ensure that you get notified when ATC tries to contact you via text. By default (for some crazy reason) they are off.

Hope that helps. Us poor VR pilots need to stand up and be recognized LOL! Doesn't EVERYONE know VR is the only way to fly!!

Later addition:
I purchased OVR Toolkit to test it. In X-Plane, it allowed me to replace 2 plugins and worked a lot better. I have MSFS2020 as well so tried it there. While OVR Toolkit does pull VPilot into a VR window, I could not figure out how to bring OVR Toolkit (with its opened windows) into the MSFS2020 VR cockpit. When I searched YouTube, all I saw referenced was an app called OpenXR. Microsoft in their implementation of VR is doing something differently, as even though I tried to select and control various functions (like turning the mags to start), it was a bit of a mess. It was not at all smooth. My VR setup is an HP Reverb G2, which is a very common VR headset. Also, my copy of MSFS2020 is a PC version. If you have a Steam version, then I'm guessing that it might work. When I go into MSFS2020 VR, all reference to OVR Toolkit disappears.

Still later...

Researching further, a lot of that goes on right, and I found this link that might be the real solution for you. It's on YouTube, no surprise there.


It would really be nice if VPilot had a plugin for MSFS2020 like they do for X-Plane, but as of today, it does not.
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