IMPORTANT PROCEDURES FOR Naval Station Guantanamo Bay

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IMPORTANT PROCEDURES FOR Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
« on: April 11, 2019, 01:14:35 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

If any of you want to fly to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, I feel need and importance to let all of you know about SPECIAL PROCEDURES on how to fly to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  Nope nope it is NOT simple crossing of Cuba which the Cuban government does NOT allow.

So I have presented a nice example below of the flight I flew few years ago that will explain to all of you SPECIAL PROCEDURES on how to approach Naval Station Guantanamo Bay WITHOUT WITHOUT crossing Cuba or WITHOUT WITHOUT touching Cuban air space.

Here is cool special military cargo contract flight from KFLL Fort Lauderdale �Hollywood International Airport southwest of the central business district of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to MUGM United States air force base Leeward Point Field also known as Leeward Airfield located at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Guant�namo Bay, Cuba  as this air force airport is always used daily for heavy air cargo operations from America bringing daily flights ferrying food, supplies, mail, and all necessary materials to Americans living in that area.

Before I present you screenshots, let me explain unusual rules concerning airspace above Cuba based on what I had learnt from aviation experts especially ones extremely knowledgeable on Cuba's airports. 

For all airlines not from America,  they are free to fly over Cuba and cross Cuba.  For all airlines from America such as Delta, JetBlue, etc etc,  they are allowed same privilege as mentioned above AS LONG as it is strictly commercial passenger or cargo flights.  For America military planes OR any commercial non military passenger and cargo airlines UNDER military contract with America's military forces are NOT allowed to fly above Cuba to cross Cuba from America to South or vice versa.  They must fly AROUND Cuba to avoid airspace and observe 12 mile limit from Cuban's shores to remain in international airspace. 

In order for America to fly cargo planes to American base in Cuba from anywhere in America, they would need to fly around eastern shores of Cuba, fly south of Cuba, make right turn to fly into American territory area of Cuba, and then make sharp right turn to approach the air force base runway!!!

It is VERY EXCITING approach especially a pilot must make sure not to violate Cuba's air space or borders while doing visual approach to the American airport/base's runway!!!!

I will be using real world route BEECH1 BEECH ZBV A315 ZIN BYGON 1955N 07357W 1935N 07507W for my screenshot flight report.

Here is video of real world real life approach that I will be using:

More explanations on how to approach and land:

Here is flight route map that I had flown for this flight screenshot report:

Airborne on climb to FL350 after take off from KFLL runway 09R using BEECH1 departure heading to JUMAR and BEECH

Intercepting BEECH and making tight right turn to ZBV

Heading to intercept ZBV while still climbing to FL350

Intercepting ZBV and making left turn to go south ZIN via A315 which involves crossing Bahamas

Still climbing to FL350 via A315 route while enjoying gorgeous Caribbean water beauty

Cruising at FL350

Crossing Bahamas

More gorgeous Caribbean sea water

Leaving Bahamas

Cruising at FL350

Ahhh eastern corner tip of Cuba is in visual which means time to intercept ZIN and BYGON which involves flying around the corner tip above water area between Cuba and Haiti and head to international water area south of eastern Cuba at least 12 mile away from Cuban shores

Making turn around the southeastern tip corner of Cuba

You can see the corner tip while the plane is still making turn around that corner to avoid Cuba's air space

Now flying along southeastern shores of Cuba at least 12 mile away from Cuba

Got to descent below clouds to get clear visual of Cuba!!!! 

Ahhh  Can have clear visual of Cuba and now time to look for high hills which marks Cuban/American border

At 3,000 ft spotting the high hills which means time to make right turn toward Cuba and fly east of those hills to make right right turn to runway 10

Entering American side of Cuba east of those hills to avoid Cuban air space

Now time for tough maneuvering to position to make final approach to runway 10!!! And TALL TREES are blocking my view of 4 PAPI lights!!!!  ARRGGGGGHHHH

Maneuvering maneuvering to adjust to strong winds

Got to stay above TALL trees in front of runway 10 of MUGM!!!!!  ARRGGHHH

Seconds before touchdown


Engaging all braking methods while the front landing gear glides down smoothly, gracefully, and slowly

Front wheels making ground contact

Exiting from runway 10 to taxiway F to taxi to cargo hold of MUGM to unload supplies for American residents

Thank you for viewing my screenshots.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight!!!



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Re: IMPORTANT PROCEDURES FOR Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 06:08:56 PM »
dont you just love FSX's placement of Tree's