Position Posting: VATUSA Operations Planner (Command Center)

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Position Posting: VATUSA Operations Planner (Command Center)
« on: September 19, 2021, 08:15:24 PM »
Position: Operations Planner, VATUSA14
The VATUSA Command Center is seeking qualified and motivated applicants for the position of Operations Planner (OP).

Job Description:
The OP is responsible for assisting the VATUSA National Operations Manager (NOM) in ensuring the PERTI process is implemented in support of NAS-wide event operations. They are also under direct supervision of the NOM.

Specific Duties:
- Collaboratively schedules telcons leading up to events to ensure planning is accomplished
- Furnishes the PERTI Plan, Operations Plan, and any other necessary planning documents
  - The ability to furnish these documents independently (i.e., with little guidance from the NOM) is desired
- Manages information exchange between, to, and from facilities and the Command Center
- Establishes and maintains common situation awareness during Command Center operations
- Communicates traffic management information (e.g., advice, proposed plans, current initiatives) with facilities accurately and timely
- Engages NTMOs, NTMS’, and facility TMU personnel (e.g., STMCs, TMCs) in training and continuing TMU education opportunities
- Regularly produces or supports the production of data reporting, collection, and analysis
- Functions as a VATUSA staff member and contributes to Division meetings as necessary
- Regularly reviews the VATUSA Forums, VATUSA and vATCSCC Discords, and the VATUSA Social Media channels

Minimum Requirements:
- S3 rating, major-certified for at least 6 months
- 6 months experience as the principal events manager (i.e., EC) within a VATUSA facility
  - This period must have included at least one large-scale, high-volume, or complex (i.e., TMU Operating Level 3 or 4) event
- No significant disciplinary record within VATSIM, VATUSA, or VATUSA facilities
- Demonstrated ability to work proactively, collaboratively, and with a high attention to detail
- Ability to lead using a collaborative decision making (CDM) approach

Desired Qualifications:
- C1 rating
- Reasonably high degree of availability (e.g., can frequently support FNOs)
- Ability to dedicate an average of 6 hours per week to OP/Command Center functions
- Demonstrated skills in detailed data analysis
- Demonstrated skills in communication, collaboration, and coordination
- Demonstrated experience in air traffic flow management (ATFM), either real-world or on VATSIM

This position will be constantly balancing Command Center operations with the NOM. To be effective, this position reflects the high availability of the Command Center, meaning a considerable amount of work and time is expected.

Submit a relevant resume and a one-page cover letter outlining your fitness for this position to:
- Jeremy Peterson, VATUSA NOM, [email protected]
- CC: Wes Miles, VATUSA General Manager, [email protected]
Jeremy Peterson (HP)
VATUSA National Operations Manager
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