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VATUSA Training Tips Padlet
« on: March 10, 2022, 09:22:37 AM »
VATUSA Training Tips Padlet

One of the most inspiring and amazing aspects of our community is the amount of talent and knowledge that exists among all of its constituents. Tapping into these amazing resources, we invite you to offer tips to others on how to navigate this environment and become better participants in this hobby. This resource can be referenced by future generations and act as a crowd-sourced FAQ that will guide users through their training and offer help with a variety of concepts and skills.

If you're not familiar with Padlet, it is a terrific online resource for uploading and discussing ideas. By clicking on the link above, you will gain access to the VATUSA Training Tips Padlet and you can post a tip that you believe would be helpful to others.

Here are a few examples about which you should consider posting:

  • Memorization tips and tricks
  • Suggestions on how to approach tricky topics
  • Point out particular pain points in regards to a skill or practice
  • Offer study habits or ways in which you have prepared for upcoming training sessions
  • Offer specific methods for working traffic in a particular scenario

All tips are welcome and everyone may contribute no matter their rating. For the time being, posts will be moderated by me and reviewed for accuracy. Our goal is to create an environment in which we can all work together and figure out ways in which we can make a meaningful and sustainable impact on training and performance throughout the division.