Emergency Spare Part Supply To Tiny Flinders Island

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Emergency Spare Part Supply To Tiny Flinders Island
« on: September 28, 2019, 03:52:30 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a cargo flight from YMML Melbourne Airport which is the second busiest airport in Australia located 14 miles northwest of the city centre of Melbourne to YFLI Flinders Island Airport located 2 nautical miles northwest of Whitemark on Flinders Island

Cargo plane being loaded with last minute heavy spare parts needed for emergency repairs of machines, trucks, and cars in the small island of Flinders Island

Opps they forgot to load one more cargo bin therefore delaying departure time

Starting engines!!

Taxiing to short of runway 34 with background view of Qantas cargo terminal

Still taxiing

Holding short of runway 34 awaiting for take off clearance

Entering into runway 34 to start take off run

Airborne on climb to FL210 to start the flight route CWS EXROM HELIX FLIWI FLIWH

Still climbing past nice green pastures

Passing through clouds

Passing town of Melton

Passing suburb of Deer Park which signals beginning of city landscape of Melbourne

Passing Braybook suburb of Melbourne

Passing railroad tracks of Sunshine Railway Line Linear Reserve located in suburb of West Footscray of Melbourne

Passing center of Melbourne where you can see Marvel Stadium seen on left side of plane and M2 highway bridge crossing Yarra river seen behind right wing where you can see row of buildings on end of big river that are DFO South Wharf and Melbourne Convention Center

Passing suburb of Bentleigh

Passing southern Melbourne suburb's YMMB Moorabbin Airport that once was Australia's second busiest airport with 274,082 aircraft landings in year 2011

Passing Patterson River where you can see golf course of Patterson River County Club in front of left wing

Passing town of Dromana that is renowned for wine  vineyards where more than 22 separate vintners operate within this area

Below the wing is waters of Ticondergo Bay and the strip land of towns of Portsea and Sorrento

Cruising at FL210

Passing wing view of Philip Island renowned for surf events such as the Rip Curl Pro and the Roxy Pro Women's Surfing Festival and for Philip Island Nature Park located on southeastern tip where groups of little penguins can be seen

Cruising across waters of Bass Strait

Descending from FL210 to 10,000 ft just above clouds

Now at 5,000 ft

Approaching view of Flinders Island

Passing unhabited Goose Island where you can see Goose Island Lighthouse

Now at 4,000 ft

Passing also unhabited Badger Island that is renowned for tons of birds such as  sooty oystercatcher, pied oystercatcher, Cape Barren goose and White-bellied sea eagle

In order to approach runway 32, you have to fly around 3,000 ft high mountain called Mount Strzelecki located in Strzelecki National Park

Arrghhhh why trees in front of runway???

On final runway approach above trees

ARGHHHH got to avoid the trees in front of runway

Making sure not to hit top of trees

Gonna watch out for high trees off left wing!

Yahhhh  safe and seconds before touchdown


Braking down hard


Taxing on runway 14/32 with background view of light green waters of Arthur Bay Conservation Area

Exiting from the runway into another runway 05/23 to continue taxi

Taxiing on the 05/23 runway

Dig those rich trees

Some stupid tractor driver is trying to beat me in race

Looks like he lost the race and resumed farming the land

Approaching end of runway passing parked GA planes

Airport terminal in sight!!

Leaving the runway to enter into taxiway toward gate

Parked at gate after finishing 180 degree turn

Look at the waiting guy hoping for free ride back to Melbourne!

Waiting for someone to unload last minute emergency supplies

Nice view of the airport and the guy is waving at you hoping you would say yes to give him free ride back to Melbourne

Nice view of entire small airport

Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciting flights!!!