Typical Cargo Service from Australia To Tasmania

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Typical Cargo Service from Australia To Tasmania
« on: October 10, 2019, 09:28:05 AM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice typical Ansett airline operated TNT 707 cargo flight from YMML Melbourne Airport which is  Australia's second busiest airport located 14 miles northwest of the city centre of Melbourne to YMLT Launceston  located in the rural area of Western Junction nine miles from Launceston's city centre in Tasmania.

Loading cargo goods on a rainy day

There are lots of cargo bins to be loaded!!

Tsk tsk tsk   bad weather!!

HEY you forgot one more cargo bin over there!!

Thunderstorm's lighting brightened the plane that just finished its pushback  (yeah must be tough to take screenshot at PRECISELY SAME SPLITTING SECOND TIME as lighting happens!)

Taxiing to short of runway 16

Check out the airport's cargo hold apron ground!

Leaving cargo apron

Still taxiing to short of runway 16

Passing the airport terminal

Leaving the airport terminal behind

Crossing runway 09/27 to continue long taxi on taxiway A

Holding short of runway 16 awaiting for take off clearance from airport tower controllers

Engines after receiving take off clearance started to roar with thick black smokes while entering into runway 16 for immediate take off

Airborne on climb to FL250 pass background view of building complexes of Qantas Maintenance and Jetstar Support

Passing Melbourne suburb called Keilor East

Making left turn with background view of railroad tracks called Sunshine Railway Line Linear Reserve seen in front of the plane's nose

Passing the same area mentioned above

Climbing through clouds

Yeah flying through clouds can be fun as long as you do not run into lightings

Now above thick clouds

Sorry that thick clouds are blocking view of ground textures preventing me from identifying suburbs

Wow the clouds are as high as the plane's cruising F250 altitude!

Passing YFLI Phillip Island Airport seen in front of the plane's nose which is small private airport on Phillip Island that is connected to mainland Victoria area by bridge called Philip Island Road or highway route number B420 also seen in front of the plane

Cruising past some Aussie town next to WON waypoint

Crossing waters of Bass Strait

Approaching Tasmania which signal time for descent

Starting descent!

Descending through clouds

Approaching Tamar River that is popular for pleasure cruise boats

Passing in front of nose a lake called Curries River Dam which is popular fishing spot in Tasmania as seen on this video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2B-Abt6SSI

Passing town of Georgetown bordering Tamar River in Tasmania

Passing landscape of Tasmania

At 3,000 ft past lake also called Tamar River

Tasmania is famous for very green landscape

In front of nose of plane shows high green hills called Reedy Marsh Forest Preserve and Brushy Rivulet Forest Reserve

Still at 3,000 ft with background view of mountains called Mount Maurice Forest Reserve

Time to make left 180 degree turn to runway 32L

Deploying landing gear

On final runway approach

Seconds before touchdown


Braking down past the background view of the airport terminal

Exiting from runway into taxiway D

Taxiing past Qantas hangar that is actually Sharp Airline hangar

Arrived at cargo apron where trucks are waiting to pick up cargo goods

Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciitng flight!