Fire Bomber Training Mission

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Fire Bomber Training Mission
« on: October 14, 2019, 12:26:11 PM »
Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Here is exclusive fire bombing training mission flight from CYTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Canada to KYIP Detroit Metro Willow Run Airport located in Van Buren Charter Township and Ypsilanti Township near Ypsilanti in Michigan. This KYIP airport is famous for Willow Run manufacturing plant producing a total of 8,685 B-24 Liberator heavy bombers.

Nice view of propellers with background view of famous CN Tower

Close pre-flight inspection of engines

Starting left engines with background view of famous Toronto landscape buildings

Starting right engines

Entering into runway 08 for take off

Airborne on climb to FL200 with background view of famous CN Tower and Rogers Center stadium which is home of Blue Jays baseball team

You can see on lower left corner a highway called Gardiner Expressway

Making right 180 degree turn above waters of Lake Ontario to head toward west

Still on climb to FL200 above the same lake

Nice wing view of entire city of Toronto

Now cruising at FL200

Passing nice Canadian landscape

Check out nice row of houses in front of right engines

Passing some local Canadian high school with running track and baseball field

Finest demonstration of Canada having its fall season!

Passing city of London in southwestern Ontario, Canada approximately 120 miles from Toronto

Passing view of Thames river in front of the plane (yep they call it Thames river although it is in Canada, not in England)

Starting to descend to get ready for fire bombing practice

Passing waters of Lake Saint Clair

Starting to circle around to find target to do fire bombing

Fire bombing!!

Making more circles to find more targets for fire bombings

Passing some small Canadian town

Passing background view of KDTW Detroit Metropolitan Airport located in Detriot's suburb called Romulus, Michigan

Getting closer to target with background view of brilliance of fall season colors

Looking for the specific target

Found target and time for fire bombing!

Mission accomplished and seconds before touchdown

Touchdown spewing lots of black dirt smokes

Thank you for viewing!!  Stay tuned for next exciting flight!